The UAA offers the Certified Utility Vegetation Management Professional credential to those who have demonstrated competency and work-related experience in UVM. Competency is demonstrated through successful completion of the Utility Vegetation Management Certificate Program.

Graduates of this comprehensive training program have the skills needed to plan and manage sustainable utility vegetation management program plans. The certificate program’s six, twelve-week courses are project-based and designed to enhance the understanding and application of industry’s best practices including safety, integrated vegetation management, environmental stewardship, and sustainability. 


Our Current Certified Professionals:

Jesse Barajas

Cameron Broatch

Jim Brown

Ian Buchwald

Eric Bullock

Robert Collinge

Darrell Daniel

Daniel Drewes

Shane Faechner

Darrell Gaudet

Matt Goff

Alejandro Hernandez

Tyler Hopper

Andrew Hordyk

Kimberly Johansen

Steve Kerr

Leo Martinez

Michael Nunes

Eric Oiler

Amanda Opp

Patrick M Van Horne

Todd Walker

Paul Wienecke